Top 10 new puppy supplies

Let’s be honest, a puppy is a source of much joy and adventure and their arrival in your home will bring an abundance of love and laughter. Before bringing them home, you should ensure you are well prepared and here is a list of items that will make your life with your new pet much easier.

  • Baby Gates ~ There are going to be times you’re out or you want to contain your puppy so they don’t soil your lovely home by relieving themselves or chewing on things. Baby
  • A training crate ~ Crate training makes it easier to toilet train your puppy as they are not going to go toilet in the same place that they sleep. A crate gives a dog somewhere they can go when they want some down time, such as a den.
  • Enzyme-based carpet cleaners ~ Puppies will have accidents in those early days, it’s inevitable, so be prepared with a cleaner that will remove the stains and odours. The enzymes discourage them from going toilet in the same spot.
  • A comfortable dog bed ~ A good quality, soft bed will keep your puppy warm and comfortable, and it can initially be used inside the crate to help them feel safe and comfortable.
  • Water and food bowls ~ Strong and sturdy, chew-proof bowls with non slip bottoms are essential for keeping your puppy well-fed and watered.
  • A bag of his or her current food ~ Your puppy will be used to the food he was weaned on, and changing from this too soon can upset your puppy’s stomach. Make a gradual switch from puppy food to adult food.
  • A leash and collar ~ Nylon leashes are strong and durable for active puppies. Choose one with a padded handle for your comfort. If your puppy pulls, consider a harness or halti to aid in their training.
  • Tough toys ~ Choose toys that are suitable for chewing as these will keep your puppy’s teeth healthy as well as keep him or her occupied when you are busy or away. Puppies often like a soft toy as a comfort.
  • Pee pads ~ These pads encourage your puppy to pee only in designated areas, chosen by you and they are good for preventing accidents.
  • Most importantly ~ Lots of Love, Care and Attention!

If you’re well-prepared before bringing your puppy home, their transition to leaving their litter mates and mum, and living in your home will go much more smoothly.

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